HMB Soft starts its way in China

For the first time ever, a HMB Soft tournament was held in China. The tournament was part of the Chinese medieval cultural festival Xitang Hanfu Culture Festival that took place October, 27 in Xitang ancient town, Zhejiang Province. It was a Buhurt CHINA-National Federation project. Gao Peng, the host of the event and the captain of the Half-ton HMB team, told HMBIA News everything about the event and its results.

“It’s the 3rd time we went to Xitang Hanfu Culture Festival (a Chinese medieval cultural festival), first two were just as “performance guests”, showing buhurt there. But this time host said let’s give us more HMB things, we thought why not to make a soft competition for every adult? It’s the best way for normal people to experience the magic of HMB sport. Then we did it ”, – said Gao.

According to Mr. Gao, there were 31 participant who were willing to fight and to win here – t 3 girls in Female category and 28 men in Male’s. There were fights in duels, Profights and 5vs5 exhibitions buhurt.

The event started with buhurts to attract audience and then duel fighters came to the lists. They fought using the Sword and Buckler rules.

Results of the First HMB-soft tournament in CHINA were as follows:
Female duels:
1st place Sun Jiayu

2nd place Xiong Rumei

3rd place Wu Kong

Male duels:

1st place Zhong Pengcheng

2nd place Deng Jiahao

3rd place Liang Lei

Many participants later told that it was the most exciting and toughest sword competition they ever saw – it was dynamic, exciting and the most important thing – completely safe for the athletes!

As we can see, the tournament was quite successful and helped achieve both goals – to show chinese people HMB sport in all its beauty and to gain some experience in HMB Soft sport for the athletes of this country. Fights were tough and passionate in spite of the soft armor and weapons, but the guests of the tournament were excited to pick up their weapons and fight nonetheless.

HMBIA News editorial office congratulate winners of the tournament and thank the members of the organisation team for the event and HMB sports development in China.