How to win people over with a hammer and a smile

Repair of armor and weapons during HMB fights is one of the most important points for participants and a necessary option in the high-quality organization of any tournament. We can safely say that this is taking care of the participants on the part of the organizers.

Online marshals vs Covid restrictions

We all adapt to new conditions for the prosperity of the sport that we love. So, Sergey Myasishchev, head of the HMBIA Marshal Committee, decided that the pandemic was not a reason to stop the work on the development of the Committee itself and work with those who wish to join the ranks of the HMB marshals.

Duel tournament in the USA: high level of fights

On June 26, in the USA, in the state of California, another HMB tournament was held, completely dedicated to fights in duel categories. According to Joseph Cadieux, the event organizer, the tournament was attended by 36 fighters (men and women). Such a solid number of participants is explained by the growing interest of duels among HMB athletes in the USA.