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Courage of Ages is an international organization established in Saint Petersburg in 2006 and since that time successfully implements historically based projects of different scale and in a range of environments with varying levels of complexity. It feels like time travel is possible when you attend one of the many historical and medieval festivals held by this company.

In 2016, Courage of Ages loudly declared itself on the international arena by co-organizing the major historical and sports project Battle of the Nations in Prague.

In 2017, it strengthened the success at the World Championship in Barcelona and became the official representative of the HMBIA in Russia.

In 2018, Courage of Ages concluded an agreement on the organization of the Battle of the Nations in Rome in the context of the large-scale cultural project Russian Seasons in Italy.

In 2019, Courage of Ages became the HMBIA main service provider as the event organization company and was fully responsible for Battle of the Nations X organization.

In close cooperation with reenactors Courage of Ages for many years constantly develops and replicates different types of historical tournaments including jousting, full plate harness, mass battles.

World Medieval Fighting Championship

WMFC is a worldwide sport league for full contact Historical Medieval Battle fighting in the profights category. Inspired by modern MMA sport, WMFC creates an international competitive ground for real modern knights. By using detailed regulations, rule sets and very strict safety standards WMFC provides a unique opportunity for fighters to test their skills and for spectators to see an exciting show that brings back memories of gladiators, spartans and other great warriors of the past.

Today WMFC unites a large number of events and tournaments all around the world and counts more than 500 fighters from different countries. Fighters are put into the different weight divisions to ensure the fairness of the competition and make the duels even more interesting and unpredictable. Extensive statistics and rating system allow to follow each fighter’s progression and achievements.

The most popular format is WMFC fight night when the venue for one evening turns into the glorious fighting arena where several pairs of armored knights fight in a full contact combat.

Everything you wanted to know

about the knights of our time

The unique glossy magazine Medieval Sport, the world’s first full-fledged printed sports columnist in history dedicated to the world of historical medieval battles (HMB), is published four times a year in two languages. The first edition of Medieval Sport magazine was published in November 2018.

Someone will say that in the age of media technology it is inexpedient to bet on the print publication, and even in such a highly specialized field. We parry: people whose soul lies in steel battles know the value of everything present. A video game will never convey the severity of armor in a battle with a living opponent, an electronic watch will never be compared in accuracy and prestige to a mechanical one. So the words enclosed in binding acquire special weight and significance.

Reading Medieval Sport, you can get to know the world of medieval battles and its direct participants, plunge into historical facts and events, see gorgeous photos of fighters and find out the latest news of our sport!

Hurry up to be in the front ranks of those who will pick up a new, insanely interesting and hot glossy masterpiece that smells so wonderful of fresh printing ink!