Building better fighters for tomorrow
Of course, fighting in armor attracts not only adults, but also children.
Try to remember, who in his younger years did not imagine himself as a brave warrior!
But what to do if you are way younger than 18 years old and your weight does not exceed the weight of a complete set of armor for Historical Medieval Battle sport?
HMB Soft is a new, unique form of training and competition, combining all the components inherent in any sport discipline. And at the same time, HMB Soft is an important part of the movement of Historical Medieval Battle.
HMB Soft is a martial art for young athletes who use safe (soft) equipment: a sword, a shield and, of course, armor. Just like the adults! The equipment for HMB Soft is mainly manufactured by authorized HMBIA partners and passes a multi-stage system of quality and compliance checks.
Children can be engaged in fencing with a shield and a sword according to the developed methods from the age of 6. For this age there are even special educational and game competitions, in which young athletes can earn their first medals.
The competitions according to the international HMB Soft rules begin for athletes reached the age of 10. Competitions are held separately in the male and female categories with the division of participants into the age groups of 10-11 years old, 12-13 years old, 14-15 years old and 16-17 years old.
The first HMB Soft tournament was held if Saint Petersburg (Russia). As early as next year 2015, a training camp for future knights was organized at the Battle of the Nations Championship in Prague (Czech Republic). The popularity of HMB Soft is growing every year, especially since the first International HMB Soft Tournament was held in 2017 in Prague (Czech Republic).

The Junior HMB Soft World Championship in 2018 held in Riga (Latvia) proved that this discipline acquires more and more popularity all over the World and the level of the athletes is growing exponentially. The 3rd Soft World Championship in 2019 gave young athletes a new category of 5 vs 5 group fights in the age groups of 10-11, 12-14 and 15-17 years. This is a team competition based on fencing and the teamwork of athletes.

HMBIA is ready to support those individuals and organizations who may be interested in opening HMB Soft school in their area. Full information and equipment package with the special training programs to acquire HMB Soft Trainer Certificate is available.