The World HMB Championship Battle of the Nations is an international event that gathers hundreds of HMB fighters and thousands of HMB fans from all over the World at the spectacular cultural locations for several days of intense sport action, fancy shows and authentic medieval atmosphere.

The first World HMB Championship Battle of the Nations was held in 2010 in Khotyn Fortress (Ukraine) and since then visited Warsaw (Poland), Aiges-Mortes (France), Trogir (Croatia), Prague (Czech Republic), Barcelona (Spain), Santa Severa Castle (Italy) and Smederevo Fortress (Serbia). Today the World HMB Championship Battle of the Nations is the biggest HMB event on the planet with almost 1000 fighters from more than 40 countries participating in 14 official HMB sport categories, 20 000 visitors and tourists coming especially for several days of unique and exciting show, about 1 million people following the event online via featured social media and TV channels. Each year Battle of the Nations brings something new for its followers. In 2019 it was a glorious mass battle of 150×150. With 300 fighters in the field the viewers were able to experience the true spirit of medieval warfare, to see true courage of the fighters and strategic art of the commanders. The place for Battle of the Nations 2021 is still to be announced.

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