Who we are


Historical Medieval Battle Association or HMBIA, is the international sports organization created to develop, support and promote HMB sport – unique combination of the true sport action and historical cultural heritage.
Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) are full contact sports fighting, where defensive and offensive weapons of the Middle Ages, made and adapted specifically for this type of competition are used. HMB are held on the lists of standardized shapes and sizes and, depending on the format of the battle, different types of authentic weapons are used. The concept of HMB combines all forms of full-contact combat with the use of objects of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages, namely historical fencing, buhurts, melee, duels, small-group battles, mass field battles, professional fights, etc.

Fight and Travel!

Creating and developing good prospects for everyone involved in HMB. Educating participants and spectators in the art of medieval culture and sport.

Challenge yourself!

 Improving HMB to mass leisure activity in which a modern person can challenge himself/herself in totally unusual context, a context of full-contact fight in medieval armour.

Culture and sport!

Encouraging public interest towards the medieval history and care about the cultural heritage of the Middle Ages period. 

HMBIA Presidium


Edouard Eme


The President of HMBIA represents and commits HMBIA with regard to third parties. The President of HMBIA shall Chair the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and manage the Headquarters office, oversees the day to day running of the HMBIA.

HMBIA Presidium


Gavin Stewart

Vice President

Presides in the absence of the president; works with other officers and committee members; carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President. Runs a cross-functional and collaborative process with the Committees teams to craft effective strategies and integrated plans designed to meet and exceed goal.

hmbia office


Evgeny Galushin


The Head of the Office assists the President and Vice President in the implementation of the General Assembly and Board’s decisions and in the discharge of his responsibilities by providing up to date information of Committees work, co-ordinating inputs from Committees and overseeing the management of the Office including its long term planning, day-to-day operations, and adherence to corporate standards and compliance obligations.

HMBIA Office


Xenia Oya


Mandated to provide administrative and logistical assistance to all departments of the Association. Implements day-to-day activities that are related to financial planning, record keeping, personal, physical distribution and logistics, within an organization.


Ira 1

Irina Kamaeva

PR & Marketing

Responsible for providing guidance and support for both internal and external initiatives and communication strategies that promote and enhance the mission of the Association. Responsible for building awareness of the HMB sport and the Association, developing and implementing new PR and marketing initiatives as well as overseeing intellectual rights and brand identity policy.

Communication Committee


Esther Veldstra


The Communication Committee enhances communication between the HMBIA Executive and members, and between members to support the Association’s mission. Promotes the activities of HMBIA and all its members as well as the benefits of being a part of this vibrant Association and to attract new members.

Tournament Committee


Ivan Koryagin


The Tournaments Committee oversees the organization of the Battle of the Nations World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle and other official HMBIA sport events. The responsibilities of the Tournament Committee include but not limited of the design of the official tournament ladders, suggest and implement changes to the regulations of the official HMBIA categories, the planning of the HMBIA event schedules and active cooperation with Buhurt League to ensure the sufficient support to the official HMBIA tournaments and development of the HMB sport worldwide.

Marshals Committee


Sergey Myasischev


The Marshal committee is the governing body that oversees all sports related rules that apply to the various categories of Historical Medieval Battles. They are also responsible for the training and exams of new and certified marshals. Their main goal is to keep the sport safe and sane for all participants.

The committee members are all marshals that have passed their practical and theoretical marshal exams. Higher ranking members are marshals that have reached the status of Knight Marshal (easily recognised on the field by their black and yellow attire).

Authenticity Committee


Milica Kovačević


The Authenticity Committee focusses on the authentic medieval aspect of the sport. They guard the aesthetic and help both new and experienced fighters choose armour that best fits the chosen timeframe. The committee consists of dedicated authenticity marshals, who have proven knowledge of historical arms and armour, and national authenticity representatives.

Control & Disciplinary

Эдик 1

Edouard Eme


The Control and Disciplinary Committee keeps track of all cards, warnings and suspensions as a result of foul play on the field. Its members advocate fair play and make sure repercussions are tracked and communicated to tournament organisers. In case of an appeal, the CDC will have the final decision.

Buhurt League


Artem Vasilev

Brand Manager

Buhurt League project is the World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle Buhurt category «5 vs 5». Project consists of multiple authorized HMB tournaments in different parts of the world for the teams of fighters that are registered in Buhurt League system. It gives additional stimulus for independent HMB clubs and enthusiasts to raise their level and develop HMB communities in their own region.

HMB Academy


Igor Kravchenko

Brand Manager

A new developing brand of the Association is the standardized system for training athletes all over the world. The ultimate goal of the HMB Academy brand is training fighters to increase the number of participants and the promotion of HMB as a sport on the international scene.