Buhurt League is a branded project of HMBIA that unites all of HMB tournaments and competitions in 5×5 Category all around the World and allow organizers and participants of such events to be a part of a global community. The Buhurt League Rating System allows to access the performance of certain teams and compare them with each other. A range of online resources such as social media and official Buhurt League website buhurtglobal.com provide a platform for interaction, communication and support for all active members of HMB community worldwide.

Depending on the number of participants and scale of event the Buhurt League tournaments are divided into several classes. If you see the certain name of the class and Buhurt League logo of a certain color you can understand which class it has.


Buhurt League Challenger: Tournament of a National level with a good local awareness. Usually such tournaments gather participants within its home country, get a good coverage by local media and provide good sponsorship packages for sponsors that are interested in promotion in a certain country.


Buhurt League Open: Tournament of International level that gathers fighters from several countries. Such events usually provide opportunity to attract tourists and visitors from neighboring countries, organize interesting side activities, get coverage by local media, touristic agencies and local government.


Buhurt League Masters: Tournament of a highest quality level with a focus on providing extremely good media coverage and conditions for participants and visitors. Tournament of such level gathers participants and visitors from a certain World Regions (for example Western Europe or North America) and provide a perfect opportunity for sponsors and partners to get access to the wide audience of HMB fans.


Annual final tournament of the Buhurt League Season for the teams that took 11-20 places at the end of the season. Teams get invitations directly from Buhurt League Secretariat.

Buhurt League Prime: Final Tournament of a Buhurt Leagu season. The event of elite level. Only the strongest ten teams from all other the World get invitation to this tournament annually. Over the whole year the fighters from different countries of the World participate in official Buhurt League tournaments and get the Buhurt League Rating points. At the end of the Season, ten teams that have got the biggest number of points receive the official invitation to the ultimate final tournament. 

Apart from gathering statistics from tournaments and competitions Buhurt League actively support organizers of such events in different countries all over the world. Today there are more than 100 tournaments that are included into Buhurt League system and the organizers receive information and material support in order to develop HMB movement in their respective countries.

By having events all over the world Buhurt League offers to its sponsors and partners a possibility for global cooperation. Your brand, product or services can be promoted on the Buhurt League events in certain countries, regions or all over the world. If you look for additional global awareness and promotion of your product and services do not hesitate to contact Buhurt League management.

If you have an idea of organizing a medieval tournament event or know a possible nice location for it – do not hesitate to drop a line and Buhurt League® managers will be happy to assist you.