HMB Kyrgyzstan: another step forward

“Judge and Travel” is the new motto that helps Bogdan Sbitnev from Kyrgyzstan to develop HMB sports in his country.

“Judge and Travel” is the new motto that helps Bogdan Sbitnev from Kyrgyzstan to develop HMB sports in his country. For 2 months he has been working as an international HMBIA marshal and decided to share his satisfaction with HMBIA News and all our readers.
Marina Golovina, a very well-known and highly respected female fighter and marshal was the first marshal with whom he trained. At an organized seminar in Astana, Sergey Bogonenko, Sergey Vasiliev and Marina Golovina explained the requirements and criteria for future marshals and recommended Bogdan become part of a team of marshals. He agreed and did not turn back. In his new position, he sees only the positive aspects, because this is an opportunity to bring historical medieval battle to a higher level in his country.

“We have only one marshal in the region, and he is territorially very far from us. Evgenii Sukhotin lives in Astana, and this is more than 1000 km from Kyrgyzstan. We also need to develop the HMB movement! We need a person who could quickly and professionally explain the rules to fighters and share knowledge. And then, traveling to a higher level events, the fighters would have been ready. The idea of ​​trying myself in the role of a marshal has been ripening for a long time, but I did not think that everything would have decided so quickly and I would wear yellow clothes for the tournament. Being a marshal is a good help so that I can travel, gain experience and broadcast it in my region”,

 – Bogdan shared in an interview.

The first tournament as a marshal for Bogdan was “Warrior 2020” in Moscow, and a month later he was once again operational n the lists of REKON. Here, the Kyrgyz was able to get a lot of experience, because Bogdan was given a considerable workload:

“REKON is great. I really enjoyed working as part of a team of marshals here. Great people who have a lot to learn. I was put in various positions: in addition to the main 5vs5 fights, on weapons check and on the HMB Soft area, and even working as a knight marshal for experimental 3vs3 profights. But everything is ok for me. This is a great field experience. Most of the people here are Russians, it’s easier for them to gain experience, but I need to grab and assimilate everything at an accelerated pace to bring this knowledge to Kyrgyzstan and share with my teammates and our HMB friends from other countries of the region”.

Furthermore, as part of the festival, Bogdan also visited the HMB Soft zone, had a conversation with the marshals who were working there and shared that soft armor fights are also gaining popularity in his country.

You can easily distinguish a marshal from Kyrgyzstan working in a tournament. Despite the European appearance and blonde hair, a yellow Asian robe will immediately give away Bogdan Sbitnev. The costume dates back to the 14th century of the Asian region and is made of pure silk. Such an outfit is the pride of the marshal and it looks stunning!

We hope to see Bogdan Sbitnev more often at the HMB tournaments both in the already famous yellow marshal’s robe and in armor, because he has no plans to put down the armor which he already wore at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia.