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Edouard Eme: New beginnings and old habits 

Edouard Eme: New beginnings and old habits 

I don't think anyone expected to be struck by a serious worldwide epidemic, which required a strict confinement in many countries.

I don’t think anyone expected to be struck by a serious worldwide epidemic, which required a strict confinement in many countries. It is typically a «force majeure» case that has important consequences, and that no one could have prevented at our level.

We are all going through it under different circumstances, some harder than others. As for me, it engendered the cancellation of several events that were planned for some time, both professional and personal. It is therefore very impacting on all aspects, and the plans of the months to come are also threatened. All we can do is try to postpone everything that can be postponed, while preserving the quality and the genuinity of what was supposed to take place.


Therefore, we are now staying at home, frozen in time. I am quite lucky to live in the countryside, with a garden, close to the forest and meadows. I can still enjoy some time outside in the fresh air, gardening, running… and everyday I have a thought for those who live in cities and don’t have that luck.

We are all devastated by the cancellation or postponement of so many HMB events. However, it is nothing that we can’t overcome. It is good to see how the HMB community keeps a lively existence on social media, sharing posts, videos, jokes, and plans for the future. Daily I receive news from members around the globe, and we keep progressing on the development and structuration sides. It is amazing that modern technology allows us to stay in touch with each other, and productive on the professional level ; even though some projects can’t evolve because of the uncertainty concerning the end of the confinement, and the unavailability of some professionals to have access to their office or the usual infrastructures they need to work.

It is also a good moment to take a break from normal life and habits, and get acquainted with new cultural content, may it be in literature, films, broadcasts, games… and to practice new skills ; I, for example, started my first beehive. For those who would like to stay in close spiritual connection with our medieval tournament universe, I strongly recommend reading the story of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, as well as the works of Chrétien de Troyes.

Of course, every HMB fighter will use this time to repair and clean their armor, and even to improve it! We are also all training on our own; in small apartments or big houses, there are always exercises and routines you can do. Focus on your weaknesses, maintain your strength, surprise your teammates and opponents when the tournaments return! Of course I wish I could train with my team, but my modest fitness equipment and the «balda» in my garden should help me not to turn into a vegetable.



I am sure that after this long period of peace and quiet, the energy of our sport will express itself in the most intense way, and that the public will be especially thirsty for epic HMB action. We don’t know when it will come, but the return to the battlefield will be grandiose !

Take care of yourselves, take care of your dear ones.

Hope to see you again soon at HMB tournaments! Edouard Eme, HMBIA President.