Mikhail Morgulis about НMB Soft

Mikhail was very lucky with hardworking students. Each of them wants to become a knight when age permits and fight with steel swords.

HMB Soft in Israel is developing and becoming more popular. This can be seen by the story of Mikhail Morgulis – the Israel national team captain, HMB and HMB Soft fighter and a coach. According to him, in the city of Petah Tikva adult newcomers often come to his gym. They are interested in battles in both steel armor and soft equipment. Both beginners and more experienced HMB Soft athletes work out basic exercises together, as well as train fencing, profights and buhurts using soft armor and weapons.

It’s important to notice that Michael trains not only adults, his club also has the HMB Soft classes for children. It has been working since September 2019. Three athletes of the age of 12-13 are engaged here. HMBIA News asked Mikhail Morgulis to tell the way his children’s classes go, what stages the lesson consists of and how young athletes react.

I handle kids with a firm hand! Discipline is important here. The lesson begins with a warm-up, it is standard for all ages. After that, we move on to fencing techniques. As a trainer, I try to diversify my classes – I tell stories, share my experience, but I try to keep my athletes in good shape and do not let them lose concentration, sometimes through games. After practicing the technique, we apply what we have learned during the practice and arrange sparrings. At the end of the lesson we swing the press. This is a traditional and important part of the training”, says Mikhail.

In order for the youth to work hard and at the same time to enjoy the process, there is a special rhyme, literally translated from Hebrew, it sounds like: “On Sunday potatoes, on Monday potatoes, on Tuesday potatoes, on Wednesday potatoes, on Thursday potatoes, on Friday potatoes, and on Saturday a pleasant surprise – 2 servings of potatoes.”

“Kids really like it. And sometimes while doing the exercises on press we count in different languages or sing songs. Now, during quarantine, the work of the HMB Soft school has been suspended, but as soon as the situation with Covid 19 is stabilized, we will actively develop this direction”.

In addition, the school hosts seminars and workshops. So, on February 28, Ali Askerov, the HMB Soft curator, held his seminar at Mikhail’s school. Half of the seminar was devoted to coaching methods of working with children, the second part to the refereeing at HMB Soft. Almost all Israeli marshals and the trainers of all clubs from Jerusalem to Karmiel gathered to take part at the seminar.



Mikhail was very lucky with hardworking students. Each of them wants to become a knight when age permits and fight with steel swords. One student (Jonathan Goldberg) took part in the HMB Soft World Championship in Riga in 2019. The main rivals from the club Rotem (Karmiel) under the leadership of Israel Gitelman do not allow to relax.

We can only wish Mikhail Morgulis and his students new victories and look forward to seeing them at international tournaments.