The World HMB Championship Battle of the Nations is an international event that gathers hundreds of HMB fighters and thousands of HMB fans from all over the World at the spectacular cultural locations for several days of intense sport action, fancy shows and authentic medieval atmosphere.
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HMB Soft is a martial art for young athletes who use safe (soft) equipment: a sword, a shield and, of course, armor.
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Historical Medieval Battle International Association

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HMBIA Academy

HMB Academy is a system of training centres based in training gyms, developed by HMBIA and created for the development and collaboration of people, involved in Historical Medieval Battles in any part of the world.
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Buhurt League

Buhurt League is a branded project of HMBIA that unites all of HMB tournaments and competitions in 5×5 Category all around the World and allow organizers and participants of such events to be a part of a global community.
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Our mission and vision

The HMB International Association is a non-profit sport international organization with HQ in Liechtenstein and representative offices in four European countries. The main task of the HMB International Association is to develop historical medieval battle (HMB) as a worldwide sport and cultural movement and make it popular for people of all ages.

To make HMB combat an internationally recognised sport which appeals to a limitless audience around the world. Educating participants and spectators in the art of medieval culture and sport.  

To combine the education of history and culture with the sportsmanship and discipline required for a sport for future generations. Bringing history into the new century through this exciting sport.

To encourage everyone interested to get involved, challenge themselves and push themselves to the limit towards achieving their goals within the sport. Discovering new ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.    


Choose your weapon, train hard, join the team, step into the international arena.

History of the HMBIA

  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2012, November
  • 2013
  • December, 2013
  • 2014
  • November, 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • November, 2016
  • 2017
  • September, 2017
  • October, 2017
  • November, 2017
  • May, 2018
  • September, 2018
  • December, 2018
  • February, 2019
  • May, 2019
  • December, 2019
  • December, 2019
  • January, 2020
  • February, 2020
  • Born of the Battle of the Nations concept

    The idea and concept of the Battle of the Nations was born. That same year we held the first general assembly meeting for interested countries in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus were present. It was decided to establish transparent rules and regulations for official categories in HMB sport and most importantly - create first national teams to participate at the championship.
  • First Battle of the Nations

    First Battle of the Nations was held as soon as in Spring, 2010 at a magnificent Khotyn Fortress, Ukraine. Four countries took part: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. After a huge success of the first festival, the status of World Championship was recognized by the worldwide community and it was decided to hold the championship annually. First overall champion of Battle of the Nations 2010 was Russian National Team, and no one has defeated them so far.
  • Battle of the Nations 2011 reinforced the success

    Next year the Battle of the Nations was held in Spring, 2011 at the same venue – Khotyn Fortress, Ukraine. 7 countries were able to join the Championship: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and also Italy, Germany and Quebec, our first oversea participants. Taking into account a huge raise of interest from international teams it was decided to move the Battle of the Nations in future years to venues in European Union for the convenience of majority of participating countries.
  • Battle of the Nations 2012: Warsaw, Poland

    Battle of the Nations 2012 was held in Warsaw, Poland. Five more countries joined and we had 12 national teams in total: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Italy, Germany, Quebec, Austria, USA, Baltic States (United team of Latvia and Estonia), Denmark and Israel. A lot of attention was paid to the Championship and in the result we had a lot of international media outputs.
  • HMBIA registered in Liechtenstein

    General assembly meeting was held in Paris with representative from over 20 countries. With the huge raise of interest to HMB sport and dynamics of spreading around the world - there was no doubts in need of a non-profit organization to govern the sport. Thus, Historical Medieval Battle International Association e.V. was officially registered in Liechtenstein on the 30th of November, 2012. This was the first and most important step towards official recognition of HMB movement as sport.
  • Battle of the Nations 2013: Aueges-Mortes, France

    In 2013 “Battle of the Nations” continued to grow at the speed of light. It was held in Aueges-Mortes, France in May with a huge success. National Teams almost doubled in number and participants from 22 countries attended the Championship: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain, Quebec, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Poland, the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia), Russia, UK, USA, Ukraine and joint team of Czech Republic and Slovakia. We cooperated with a number of major worldwide media, and after 2013 Championship BBC produced a documentary to broadcast in the UK. At this moment HMBIA was coordinating pioneers of the sport in 30 countries.
  • HMBIA General Assembly

    First general assembly of newly established HMBIA was held in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Annual report was presented, several major questions of HMB sport were discussed. All decisions were made democratically - by voting.
  • Battle of the Nations 2014: women’s categories introduction

    Battle of the Nations 2014 was held in Trogir, Croatia at UNESCO’s Kamerlengo fortress. This time 27 national teams took part in the Championship, eight new nations joined the movement: Mexico, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Moldova, Friesland, Serbia and Scotland. It was the year when women’s categories were introduced at the World Championship for the first time in history of our sport.
  • HMBIA General Assembly 2014: new way of the National Team recognition

    HMBIA summit was held in Prague, Czech Republic. Main decisions were: legionnaires regulations and National Team recognition only from UNO list of countries. We took an important vector towards officializing the HMB sport by look at well-established major international sports organizations. Therefore fighters from Quebec, Friesland and Scotland had to join their countries’ national teams in order to continue competing at the Championship. Over 35 countries were already coordinated by HMBIA at this point.
  • Battle of the Nations 2015: new cateagories

    Battle of the Nations 2015 was held in Prague, Czech Republic. In the middle of a national park (Petrin) we built a fully closed arena, our own small “Coliseum” as participants called it, and also introduced new categories: polearm duels and women’s mass battles. Twenty-seven national teams participated in that Championship with total numbers of 650 fighters and 2000 participants. This was the first year of active promotion and development of HMB Soft movement - HMB sport for youth. First sets of rules were finalized and major events held all over the Eastern Europe.
  • Battle of the Nations 2016: 5 days of battles

    A year after, in 2016, Battle of the Nations bit its own record once again, this time there were 30 national teams with total number over 750 fighters and 2200 participants from 35 countries, and this number is growing, because of constant HMB community growth. Due to a huge number of fighters we had to extend the Championship program for 1 more day, and therefore Battle of the Nations 2016 was held during 5 full days of fights. In March, 2016 we started communication with the international olympic committee as we had over 45 countries coordinated by HMBIA.
  • HMBIA General Assembly 2016

    HMBIA summit 2016 (general assembly meeting) was held in Milan, Italy. We were happy to admit that HMB sport is being practiced in 47 countries worldwide; and that we started communication with IOC towards direction of official recognition of HMB movement as sport. It was decided to keep this vector and exclude medieval camp and big medieval market as parts of the following Battle of the Nations. As the venue for the Battle of the Nations community voted for Barcelona, arena La Monumental.
  • Battle of the Nations 2017: La Monumental, Spain

    Battle of the Nations 2017 was held in Barcelona, Spain at La Monumental bullfighting arena. This time HMBIA has made some significant changes to the rules in order to improve objectivity in determining the winner and increase the spectacularity of fighting. Around 800 fighters from 32 countries joined the Battle of the Nations in Spain. The triathlon category was divided into 4 separate categories, and as a result we had 10 duel and 3 buhurt official categories. Despite the huge number of fights, we still managed to hold the Battle of the Nations 2017 just in three full days. We had three separate online-streams for English, Russian and Chinese speaking communities with a peak of over 1,300,000 users watching the final battles online.
  • HMBIA General Assembly 2017: new system concept

    HMBIA summit 2017 (general assembly meeting) was held in Rome, Italy. The decision of the Battle of the Nations 2018 organization in Italy was made. Additionally, we started the Buhurt League system that is a worldwide championship, united numerous HMB tournaments and teams, and being held seasonally. That was one of the most important step in the development of the HMB movement.
  • Buhurt League launching

    The Buhurt League united numerous of HMB worldwide tournaments for buhurt (mass) categories (men’s 5vs5 and women’s 3vs3 first of all) to one unified system. The structure of the League is clear. To become the participant, the team needs to be registered officially in the Buhurt League system before the start of the season. However, during the season 2017/2018 HMBIA made it possible to apply for participation during the whole season. All registered teams were distributed among Conferences by the geographical principle and each tournament was assigned by one of three classes as follows: • Buhurt Challenger • Buhurt Open • Buhurt Masters With the Buhurt Prime as a Final Tournament.
  • First HMB Soft World Championship

    Within the activity, HMBIA is working on youth sport development. HMB Soft is the direction of HMB that uses soft equipment which allows participation of children. HMB Soft main goal is to prepare young fighters for real tournaments, instill love for medieval history and sport. HMBIA have already organized the HMB Soft World Championship in Prague, the Czech Republic in autumn 2017. Around 70 young fighters representing 20 teams from Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine came to combats. Following the results, the decisions about further development vectors, the creation of the general worldwide tournament net, seminars for Marshals and coaches were set. On this occasion, it was decided to conduct seminars and workshops both for HMB and HMB Soft directions for Marshals, newcomers and participants willing to improve their skills and develop in the sport within the Championships and local HMB events.
  • Battle of the Nations 2018: outrance combat presentation

    In 2018 HMBIA proudly presented the Castle of Santa Severa, one of the most fascinating places in the Lazio Region, close to Rome, Italy as the official location for the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations. One of the most important and striking monuments of archaeological and historic interest on the Tyrrhenian coast helped to create the necessary atmosphere of the Middle Ages and inspired the participants of the tournament for exploits. New nomination Profights (Outrance Combat) was included in the program of the 9th World Championship for the first time. Over 800 athletes from 33 countries came to Italy to participate in most epic event of HMB movement. All the 4 days of battles visitors were waiting in the long lines hoping to get the place in the stands of the main arena despte the sign "sales are suspended".
  • HMBIA General Assembly 2018: Serbia’s time has come

    Annual HMBIA General Assembly, dedicated to the development of HMB sport, took place September 29-30th 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia, in the format of a two-day event. Over 40 representatives from more than 20 countries gathered in Serbia to make important decisions concerning the future of HMB movement and HMB sport development. The place for the next Battle of the Nations was announced.
  • 2nd HMB Soft World Championship

    The 2nd HMB Soft World Championship among Schools and Clubs was held on December 1st, 2018 in Riga, Latvia. The tournament had a number of changes in the organizational part, which only improved its quality. That year there were separate lists for the fights of each age category. This made it possible to improve the timing of the event and make it more convenient for participants and judges. Athletes from Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland and Latvia came for the tournament prizes. The work of judges has undergone minor changes. There were more of them and they worked in a certain age category. The team of the Knight marshals of the tournament was also international.
  • First Buhurt Prime tournament

    Over the whole year the fighters from different countries of the world participated in official Buhurt League tournaments and get the Buhurt League Rating points. At the end of the Season, ten teams that got the biggest number of scores received the official invitation to the ultimate final tournament – Buhurt Prime, where the strongest team were determined and received the title of World Champions in Historical Medieval Battle. On February 16, the strongest 10 teams of the Buhurt League from France, Russia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Denmark, Poland and Czech Republic stepped into the battle arena in the Fontvielle region in Monaco following by waving flags, rolling drums and ringing swords. Chapiteau Espace Fontvieille was chosen as the venue of the most significant event in the royal world of this proud principality. And here Buhurt League recreated the atmosphere of true medieval chivalry and festivity, seasoning the already vivid battles with live music, elements of a flight show.
  • Battle of the Nations 2019: epic anniversary

    Smederevo fortress in Serbia which is the largest lowland fortress in Europe was chosen to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Battle of the Nations in 2019. 2000 participants from 40 countries came to defend the honour of their native land. The tenth Battle of the Nations has become a truly unique event with a lot of innovations and records. It was visited by 20 000 spectators and for the first time we managed to organize live broadcast in 5 different languages. A pool of 5vs5 teams was divided into 3 divisions of approximately equal level – gold, silver and bronze. An experimental project of the duel tournament in Full Plate Harness was presented. New categories 12vs12 and 30vs30, female category for the Profights nomination were added to the program. Everyone was waiting for a glorious mass battle of 150x150. With 300 fighters in the field the viewers were able to experience true spirit of medieval warfare, to see true courage of the fighters and strategic art of the commanders. That was definitely the most epic battle ever.
  • HMBIA General Assembly 10th anniversary

    10th anniversary of the HMBIA General Assembly was celebrated in Riga, Latvia. Over 60 representatives from 25 countries gathered in Riga to make important decisions concerning the future of HMB movement and HMB sport development. It was really great and significant that we had the 10th anniversary HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations, with a record number of participants, camps, countries, categories, fights for the tournament as well as the 10th summit. The largest number of participants also gathered there. It means we are growing, our movement is developing. We are moving together towards the sports.
  • 3rd HMB Soft World Cup

    The dates and venue of the HMBIA Summit and the 3rd HMB Soft World Cup mong schools and clubs coincided which was specially planned. HMBIA President and other participants were able to watch the tournament and congratulate the participants. 2019 gave young athletes a new age category of 10-11 years in individual fights. In addition, for the first time there were 5 vs 5 group fights in the age groups of 10-11, 12-14 and 15-17 years. This is a team competition based on fencing and the teamwork of athletes. The geography of the tournament has expanded significantly – athletes from Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia came for World Championship medals. And also for the first time, representatives of Israel and Brazil took part here.
  • Buhurt Next: new final tournament of the season

    The Buhurt League presented a new Buhurt Next tournament for the teams that took 11-20 places at the end of the season. Winners of Masters status tournaments can be invited to Buhurt Next if they do not go to Prime. In case the team refuses to participate in the Buhurt Next event, the next highest-rated team starting from 21st place rating and beyond will be invited. 10 teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Spain and France arrived to the French city of Laon. It was a real festive of the HMB sport thanks to the preparation, discipline, authentic appearance and beautiful fights of the teams. The tournament was judged by an international team of marshals. In addition to the French judges, there were representatives of the UK, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine. The whole panel of marshals worked perfectly - there were no claims to their work from the organizers or from the fighters.
  • Monaco hosted Buhurt Prime for the 2nd time

    On February 15, for the second year in a row, Monaco hosted the most prestigious tournament of the Buhurt League season - Buhurt Prime. This tournament gathered the best teams from all over the world. Some of them got an invitation to Buhurt Prime by winning the Buhurt Masters tournament, like ACM Mexico, who won the Torneo Medieval de Calaveras-2019 tournament (North America conference), Bear Paw who took the first place in the Dynamo Cup-2019 (Eastern Europe conference) and White Company who received their invitation for the victory at Kening Striid tournament (Western Europe conference). Other teams got their invitations according to their positions in the ranking of the Buhurt League Season 2019. In addition, there was another interesting and tough fight that evening - the exhibition fight between Grimaldi Milites team from Monaco and team Feltrio from Italy. Tournament victors were awarded by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Traditionally, from the hands of the distinguished guests, the winners got medals, Cups of the tournament, and the winners of 1st place also received champion silver rings.