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Authenticity Committee: main tasks and plans

Authenticity Committee: main tasks and plans

Milica Kovačević:“The main goal of the AC is developing rules, regulations and documents with historical authenticity requirements and recommendations for HMB athletes"

Safety and historicity – that`s the main task of the HMBIA Authenticity Committee. The Committee has certain tasks and the team’s work was not interrupted even during quarantine. HMBIA News asked Milica Kovačević, the Head of the Committee, to tell us about the current work and the main goals that she, as the Head of authenticity direction, sets for herself. According to her, the quarantine period hasn’t affected work of the Authenticity Committee. The members of the Committee continued working on announced documents in order to help fighters prepare themselves for upcoming tournament season.


“Our focus during quarantine was structuralisation of work inside the Committee in order to make things more efficient and expand our ranks in number and quality. With the increase in the number of HMB tournaments, the presence of the AC has become a necessity that we are obliged to provide in order to improve the quality of this sport in terms of the historical component and, of course, the safety of the fighters themselves” – noticed Milica.

Recruitment of new officers began in April. Officers with experience in reenactment and historical reconstruction, as well as experts in the field of history and museology, will strengthen the ranks of the Committee. But they have to be prepared for the tournament season, where they will apply their knowledge in practice.

Milica also said that the main task for the Authenticity Committee at the moment is to improve communication between the fighters and the AC. Also there is an important thing to work on educational activity regarding AC documents explanation for AC members and HMB Community.


During the HMBIA General Assembly 2019 in Riga the new changes have been announced.

AC sees that meeting the requirements for armor is quite costly and long and received many requests to move the deadlines for the introduction of new requirements.


“It is planned that the requirements for combining the elements of the fighter kit will be introduced in the summer 2020. Documents will be displayed on the tolerances of the Western elements in the set to the East. Namely the protection of the hand, arms and legs, as well as recommendations for styling armor elements. Also there is a plan that it will be allowed to use non-opening hand protection in HMB which is externally indistinguishable from historical analogues”, told Milica Kovačević.


This is important and slogging work that makes HMB sports better, more spectacular and safer.

“The main goal of the AC is developing rules, regulations and documents with historical authenticity requirements and recommendations for HMB athletes. An indispensable component of this sport is historical reconstruction. The Authenticity committee has been working with fighters for years to improve their armor and civilian equipment to make them historically credible in line with the highest level of safety”.


Milica noted that the AC is made from multitasking teams of experts and hobbyists on the matter, that work on document development, providing support at the tournaments and community interactions.


Let`s wish Milica and her team inspiration and success in their work for overall progress and development of our sport. 


Soon it is planned to organize a live stream with Militia, where she will tell more about her work and answer the questions of the audience. We will inform you about the date and time of the stream. Follow our announcements!