Klara Vintnerova: “I would be happy to inspire more girls to come to HMB”

One of the favorite themes of our readers She fights for... today will talk about a fighter from the Czech Republic.

One of the favorite themes of our readers She fights for… today will talk about a fighter from the Czech Republic. Everyone knows her for sure! Klara Vintnerova, from the Prague Vixens team, is one of the best female fighters in the country. Their team has won many tournament medals from all over Europe. Not so long ago, Czech fighters were able to return to training again after Covid restrictions, and for Klara, this period coincided with a happy event – she became a mother and spent several months on maternity leave to take care of her wonderful baby.

How Klara returned to training, what motivates her to enter the lists and how she sees her daughter’s hobbies in the future, we discussed in an interview.

“I like many things about this sport. The tournaments , the adrenalin when you fight and the feeling after the fight, when you realize all the new experiences you gained. I also like all the physical preparation . It is so diverse! You have to be strong, learn techniques, have endurance and many more to be a good fighter. There is always something you have to improve”.

In Corona times it was very hard to train and there were no tournaments the team went to, but Klara told us that there are some new girls in the team and they are very motivated. So hopefully the team will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments soon. 

“It will be a new hard beginning after corona times. As for physical conditions, I’m in good shape. My parents do not understand my passion for buhurt and martial arts, but they help me a lot with my little girl. So I can do 2 buhurt training and 4 gym training a week. I also have a punching bag at home. It was easier than I expected to come back to training after the baby birth. I returned to it after seven months. I should have started earlier, but I didn’t feel comfortable to leave such a little baby with anybody else. I was so looking forward to it! It is time for myself, no diapers, no baby crying. I love it!  But yes, it is difficult, I do not sleep much”. 

It is worth noting that Klara has been engaged in HMB since the moment they learned about this sport in her country, in 2013. At the time, she preferred longsword fencing and kickboxing. Many years have passed since then, many fights, defeats and victories, but still HMB sport delights the girl.

“I would be happy to motivate more girls to become hmb fighters. Maybe I will bring up one. I love to fight in buhurt and I just want us (girls) to have opportunities to fight! As for my daughter, I’d love her to do anything that will make her happy. Buhurt or ballet, it doesn’t matter”.

It is not yet known whether Klara’s daughter will be engaged in HMB, but we are glad that Klara and the rest of our beautiful girls are with us and delight us with their fights!

We thank Klara Vintnerova for the conversation and look forward to meeting her in the lists of tournaments around the world.