Torneo Dij Cossot was brought back to Alpignano

After a long and difficult time, finally a Buhurt Challenger was brought back to the beautiful village of Alpignano (Italy).

Date: July 24, 2021 – July 25, 2021
Event: Challenger Torneo Dij Cossot 
Venue: AlpignanoArticle by: Sam JC

After a long and difficult time, finally a Buhurt Challenger was brought back to the beautiful village of Alpignano (Italy).

We spoke to Gian Bass who helped organize and participated in the event to gain some insight into how it went!

Certainly the current situation we are going through is not the best, BUT thanks to the collaboration between the 2 groups Media Aetas and La Lancia Spezzata (who are part of the Italian Bastards team), we managed to bring a tournament Buhurt League in Italy after more of one year of nothing.

A great total of 6 teams attended for the 5v5 category, mosty all from Italy as well as a team from Switzerland. For dueling categories there was also a good number of participants including 5 men for longsword category and 4 women in sword and shield.

We had to make sure that all the people present respected the anti covid rules; like face masks and distance among the people. Always keeping an eye on the number of people present at the event so as not to exceed the maximum limit imposed by the authorities.” 

Says Gian and due to these precautions it seems the event turned out great for everyone, and is encouraging for others to follow.

 “I take this opportunity to thank all the historical and fighters groups for their collaboration.” – Gian

We would like to congratulate the winners of the event!

For the 5v5 Category:

In first place was the Swiss Friends (CH)
Second place Team Icarus (ITA)
Third place Taurus MFC (ITA).

Longsword Female Category: 

In first place Sara Fabbri ( Iron Tower – ITA) and Second place Elizabeth Pennock ( Castrum Montis- ITA)

Longsword Male Category:

In first place Amedeo Clamer (Bellatores – ITA), Second place Nicola Lombardi (Major Militia- ITA) and in third place Davide Chilero (Conte mezzocuore – ITA)

Sword and Shield Female Category:

In first place Cassandra Soffritti (Major Militia-ITA), second place Sara Fabbri (Iron Tower – ITA) and third place Laura de Vevey ( Swiss Friends – CH)

Sword and Shield Male Category:

In first place Steeve Wicki ( Swiss Friends-CH),  second place Luca Pollaccia (La Lancia Spezzata – ITA) and in third place Davide Chilero (Conte mezzocuore – ITA)

We also spoke with Sara Fabbri from Team Iron Tower, who won first place in the female longsword category:

After long months spent training alone in our garages, we finally have been able to have 3 tournaments in Italy. In Alpignano the atmosphere was great, friendly and warm. The organization was perfect. We could see our Brothers in Arms after such a long time. 

Results arrived because we had never given up. We’ve been training in loneliness waiting for that day. And the day has finally come!”

The first tournament in Alpignano was held in July of 2019 and was organised by the late Davide Canalia and so the organizers of the event wanted to dedicate this tournament to him and to Maria Carla, another great Italian fighter from Iron Tower team, who unfortunately also passed away last year. 

Davide has always fought for the recognition of HMB in Italy as a sport and therefore it was our duty to dedicate this event and our efforts to him. Seeing that this year so many people have come to commemorate his memory has filled our hearts with joy” Says Gian. 

During the tournament they gave a commemorative plate to both Davide’s team, Team Bellatores BFC, and to the Iron Tower team for Maria Carla.

As a last note, we want to congratulate everyone involved, from Marshalls, Fighters to Organizers and attendees to have made this event a successful and safe one.

We can say that the event was successful, fortunately the weather also graced us.Both the fighters and the reenactors managed after almost 2 year break to return to their activities! This is the best achievement we could have expected.” Said Gian


In memory fo Davide Canalia and Maria Carla Fusco