Burying the battle axe to hit each other with swords

28th of August was the event that brought all the Danish teams together. However, there was talk about reuniting and working together to solve some differences and make Danish fighters stronger than ever.

28th of August was the event that brought all the Danish teams together.

After their success at Buhurt Prime in Monaco, Denmark fell due to inner conflicts, and multiple people went their own way. 

However, this wasn’t what everybody wanted and we could sense a shift in the Danish teams as there was talk about reuniting and working together to solve their differences so that they could become stronger than ever.

Making sure that this would actually happen, the Søjborg family decided to organize a tournament, invite all the teams and just have fun. 

The event looked very organized, with team booths, good equipment for the commentary, there were drinks and food and the wooden list was well put together with extra fences surrounding it for spectators.

All Danes wanted to participate in the tournament, even if they couldn’t go into the list.  Simon Elgaard, a fighter from one of the Danish teams, who was previously injured, found an opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience to help. Being unable to fight, he explained the HMB rules to the audience into the microphone and provided commentary during the day.

He made sure to captivate the audience and told them about HMBIA, Battle of the Nations and explained to them the rules of buhurt.

The fights were remarkable and great to look at, the viewers reacted strongly and had smiles upon their faces.

They had the pleasure to watch Memento Mori, Iron Wolves, Sons of Haddock, and Copenhagen HMB team, fight it out in the list, pro fights after a short break, and last but not least an all vs. all.

Iron Wolves ended up taking gold in buhurt category, Copenhagen took silver, and bronze went to Sons of Haddock.

In Profights the prize went to Peder M. Andersen. 

Also, to the delight of the participants, the organizers of the tournament introduced the All vs. All fights. There was a certain excitement, the athletes who missed good-quality fights happily entered the lists, which was won by Ole Vos from the Decima club, Germany, he was also a mercenary for fight team Copenhagen. 

Smiles were shared among fighters and everybody celebrated the big success after all the fights were done. 

”We had some obstacles to overcome to organize this event”, said Frederik and Mathias Søjborg. 

”We had to be the middleman, we knew how to organize events and fight, but making sure that people talked about their issues with each other and resolved them was the biggest obstacle. 

Our advice for anybody who wants to bring teams back together again is to find a middleman, someone who is easy to talk to and can stay objective and work with all the involved parties to find a solution that works.

We are very happy that we did it, that everybody enjoyed their time here and that we became stronger as a nation.”

”It’s not just for us as people but also for the future of HMB in general and in Denmark, the more we work together, the bigger we can make the sport.
We can look at delegating promotional tasks, national training, and more.

We want to share knowledge of what we do, be able to send interested people to teams close to them, and fight more often together in friendly tournaments in Denmark so we can grow together.
We hope for this event to be the next White Horse tournament, we work with the local community who will help us get prize money, help with the management, and more.

Even if we don’t fight we will still be working for HMB Denmark as trainers or organizers, we just can’t quit”.

Summing up the results of the last tournament, we can safely say that the organizers have achieved their main goal. All the fighters were happy after the end of the battles, all the tension was thrown out in the list, leaving goodwill and the desire to continue to work together and improve.

We are very happy that the Danish teams are back together in the list again. 

We thank the amazing organizers for the great event and we hope to see Denmark as a strong opponent at the Battle of the Nations!