TORNEO DELLE ALPI: what the fighters had to go through to enter the lists

Excellent fights from the best HMB teams and all this in the form of Covid free. This is how the tournament TORNEO DELLE ALPI with the status of Buhurt Masters went. 12 teams from the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, France, Monaco and, of course, Italy arrived in the Italian city of Volpiano.

Excellent fights from the best HMB teams and all this in the form of Covid free. This is how the tournament TORNEO DELLE ALPI with the status of Buhurt Masters went. 12 teams from the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, France, Monaco and, of course, Italy arrived in the Italian city of Volpiano. Many of these teams have repeatedly been part of the national team of their country and participated in Buhurt Prime, which is the most prestigious tournament in the Buhurt League system.

In such a turbulent time of constant restrictions associated with the spread of the Covid 19 virus, the tournament organizers have done a great job to ensure that the safety rules at the event meet all national and European standards to let the tournament happen.

“This year in particular, the restrictions linked to the covid 19 pandemic have made everything more complex.

Our goal was to create an important tournament and above all in absolute safety and security. All the staff and the public inside the exhibition area had European certification about covid 19. We had a large turnout that was managed in an optimal way thanks to a detailed safety plan”, said Sandy Furlini, the head of the organization team of the TORNEO DELLE ALPI.

The whole event was divided into closed areas where people were counted, so as not to create crowds. The presenters reminded the audience to keep a distance of 1 metre and to keep their masks on to cover their noses and mouths.

Participants of the TORNEO DELLE ALPI were also warned in advance about the safety requirements during the tournament and strictly followed them.

The organizers respected the COVID rules perfectly, mask, distance, everything was controlled and respected, but especially did not spoil the event”, said Adam Loys, the captain of the Metz Béhourd – Graoully team from France. 

Jan Burgerstein agrees that it is important to follow Covid 19 requirements, but noted that nothing can stop the Prague Trolls on their way to new victories! 

Sandy Furlini, the head of the organisation team of the tournament:
I am very satisfied with the success of the event. The Torneo delle Alpi was part of a large medieval event called De Bello Canepiciano. For the realization of these two days of tournaments and celebrations, we have put in considerable resources. Thanks to the important support of the mayor, Dr. Emanuele De Zuanne, we were able to create an excellent staff. Everything has been treated in detail. I’m sure that, especially this year in difficult situations associated with Covid 19, it is a very important moment to support our beautiful sport. I personally commit myself as an athlete and as a doctor to ensure that the event, whichI have been following for many years, always maintains a high level at the service of sport and culture”.

It was hot in the lists in those days. The beginners demonstrated a superhuman will to win, the experienced and well-known teams demonstrated the highest level of fighting. However, in Volpiano, surprises awaited even the most experienced.

“I assume that the hardest for us was to fight with White Company, despite the fact that they fought with only 5 fighters. They present harsh and effective buhurt. I can say that in general, European buhurt develops. In Volpiano we can see a lot of clubs which aren’t popular but show nice fights and will to win. I think it is very good for our sport. I am very surprised by the Grimaldi Milites”, said Aleksander Blausz, the Vice captain of KS Rycerz team from Poland. 

Fighters from Monaco also remember KS Rycerz.

“It was a beautiful tournament, perfectly organised despite all the restrictions, where every participant expressed their joy to meet and fight again.
Mixed feelings for us. After an 18-month break we were thrilled to compete again, although we had lots of questions about ourselves. After fast and clean group phase fights, we showed a disappointing face in the quarter final, lacking discipline versus the polish team. But we are generally satisfied with our performance and will use this experience to grow”, said Antoine Lutz, the Grimaldi Milites captain.

New combat experience here was more than enough for everyone. After all, there is always an opportunity to learn something from your opponent. The French team Pardus Bellator, who had their first experience of participation in such serious HMB events, had an opportunity to fight with one of the most experienced teams in the world – Warriors of Light from Ukraine. Hugues Hardy, the captain of Pardus Bellator was excited with this battle:

“There were three rounds of great fights. Fighting against the Buhurt Prime team was very motivating. As a young team working hard to reach the top it was an important first step for us. Of course we are looking forward to better results next time, but we achieved something too. Now it’s back to training and we’ll come back keeping a stiff upper lip”.

Grigory Chaploutsky, the Warriors of Light team captain also noted the high level of the tournament, his team’s opponents skills and was also impressed with the Monaco team.

“I liked the tournament. The place is very atmospheric, I was especially impressed by the fact that at the site of the festival they tried to hide modern things like air conditioners, intercoms and so on. It’s a big piece of work, and it’s great that they do it.

I can say that the top European teams as White Company and Prague Trolls are growing by leaps and bounds. I also remember the Grimaldi Milites team, and their newcomer at number 7, with excellent wrestling technique in the center. In general, the fighting level was good. We set ourselves the task of getting into the top 4, but got into the top 3. But, there is work to do. We still have room to improve ourselves”. 

The Prague Trolls team from Czech Republic, which is one of the strongest teams of the world, had a great time fighting with the highest level titans from the UK. Jan Burgerstein, the captain of Czechs was glad to meet British friends in the lists of Buhurt Masters:
“For sure, our hardest fight was against the White Company team. We had a chance to win, but they showed us that they are still ahead, more experienced. I would like to congratulate them one more time. They fought with just 5 fighters!

All of the participating teams were great. For me it was a tough tournament after a long time. Now we can see that there is a lot to improve. For example, we were too exhausted after the event”.

Of course, completely new teams took part in the tournament, which only had to sign their names in the history of HMB. These brave warriors came out against the giants of our sport and stood with dignity! Courage must always be rewarded even if in the end it did not lead to any victory.

Luca Peinetti, the captain of the Italian Bastards team:

The tournament was the first opportunity to put this new team to the test against teams of the highest level. I am happy that my boys accepted the challenge of competing, with teams of the level of the Prague Trolls or White Company, etc. For us, every new tournament is an important opportunity to upgrade, and having participated in this Masters gave a great incentive to progress. I can be satisfied with the work of the team, and I am sure that soon we will be able to score some points in the Buhurt League too.

The captain of another Italian team, Taurus MFC, also noted the high level of the TORNEO DELLE ALPI participants. 

All our opponents were really difficult to face because the overall level of the teams was very high. In general the level of fighting throughout the tournament was very high, most of the fights had no sure outcome. But, the toughest fight was against the White Company team in the play off stage. It is a really strong and compact team.

As we can see, the organizers succeeded. Sandy and his team met all the health and safety requirements for the event and the Buhurt League requirements in order to achieve high Masters status for their tournament. They put together great teams and made us all happy with great fights. 

“I warmly thank my Taurus MFC team in Turin for the invaluable and irreplaceable help in the realization of the TORNEO DELLE ALPI for the past 3 years.

Also thank HMBIA and the Buhurt League team for believing in us”, said Sandy.

HMBIA News also thanks him for all this work that he has done for the tournament. We wish Sandy Furlini and his team new victories and new great events. Also we would like to congratulate all participants of the TORNEO DELLE ALPI with great fights!