Buhurt Prime 2022 has been cancelled

Dear friends, we are deeply sorry to announce that Buhurt Prime 2022 has been cancelled.

New rules implementation and its results: Buhurt Next 2022

Buhurt Next 2022 is remarkable not only because it is the first large-scale international HMB event for a long period. Here, the organizing team and the Marshal Committee members had the opportunity to fully implement several innovations in the rules and regulations of the buhurt categories of fights at once.

Buhurt Next: what is it now and what will it be in the future

Buhurt Next, one of the most anticipated tournaments of 2022, has taken place! The teams have returned home, and it’s time to take stock. Here’s what Artem Vasilev had to tell us. 

Breaking news from the Buhurt League

The dates of the final tournaments of the season 20-21 Buhurt League have been announced during the report of Artem Vasilev, the Buhurt League brand manager.

REKON 2021: fights of the strongest in Russia

We could all observe the opposition of the strongest teams in Russia this weekend at the Buhurt League tournament with the Challenger status.

TORNEO DELLE ALPI: what the fighters had to go through to enter the lists

Excellent fights from the best HMB teams and all this in the form of Covid free. This is how the tournament TORNEO DELLE ALPI with the status of Buhurt Masters went. 12 teams from the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, France, Monaco and, of course, Italy arrived in the Italian city of Volpiano.

Long-awaited 12v12: a big war for strong friendship!

The most anticipated tournament of the season the Alexander Nevsky Cup 2020 takes place in St. Petersburg. The unique tournament brought together teams of the Federal Districts of Russia

HMB events organizers: life without tournaments

2 days before the opening – the most acute moment! That’s what I really miss!

Group Category 5×5: How it is organized and how it works

Today we will talk about Buhurt League, the International Historical Medieval Battle Championship in Group Category 5×5. We will explain how it is organized and how it works.

Kurzak: “Physical training is the foundation of the sport”

HMBIA News decided to ask Paweł about the importance of the physical training for HMB sports.