Good marshal`s shape: useful tips

How can a Marshal keep himself in "good shape" and not lose qualifications during the absence of tournaments? Sergey Myasishchev gives his recommendations.

For the second year now, we have been living in a pandemic and constant restrictions in different areas of our life.

The intensity of sports activities during the pandemic dropped significantly. This statement is fully true for HMB as well. The last and the year before last were much less intense than, for example, 2019. Athletes do not often have the opportunity to enter the lists. Nevertheless, the fighters still have the opportunity to train, prepare themselves for future victories.

Of course, it is very difficult without competitive practice, but this can, at least partially, be compensated for by fights with your comrades. But what about the marshals, whose qualifications also directly depend on the degree of intensity of practice?

The HMBIA News asked Sergey Myasishchev, head of the HMBIA Marshal Committee, to give several recommendations for marshals who want to stay in “good shape” in the absence of tournaments or its moderate numbers.

“The main training is, of course, the repetition and analysis of the rules and regulations. Life in HMB does not stand still – new nominations appear, regulatory documents are changed and specified. The Marshal must be absolutely fluent in the entire regulatory framework, be able to quickly navigate in any tournament situation, relying on the rules and regulations. In addition to learning the rules on your own, participating in the marshal`s seminars is a good practice. Of course, in a pandemic, such events are held remotely, via the Internet. But even remote communication with colleagues makes it possible to stay abreast of all innovations, learn about certain cases of application of the rules, and share experiences”, he said.

Also marshals can get good results by self-training based on reviewing past tournaments. You can watch the fights that have already taken place in some past tournaments, mark difficult situations, analyze them, guess what decision can be made, compare with the opinion of the judges who worked at this tournament.

In short, there are opportunities for marshals to maintain their qualifications in the face of a reduction in the number of tournaments. Although, of course, no distance practice

 can fully replace the experience gained in the course of real work at the tournament.