HMBIA General Assembly 2021

XI HMBIA General Assembly took place in the online format with the delegations from 41 countries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of the work of the Assembly.

Due to the fact that countries around the world are still facing difficulties with international travel, it was decided to organize the 2nd ONLINE General Assembly in respect to the current situation. As during the last year session delegates were provided with the access to the reports and documents in advance. National delegations from 41 countries got access to the folder with the reports starting November 22nd. Delegates could study all presentations, reports, tables, current versions of rules and regulations that were presented by the Head of the Marshals Committee. 



78 attendees from 30 countries managed to join the live Q&A session that was also recorded and uploaded later in the GA folder, so all delegates who somehow missed the live session could watch it before voting for the adoption of the HMBIA General Assembly 2021 summary record and the extension of the Presidium mandate.

The extension was proposed due to the unusual Covid-19 situation which made implementation of HMBIA projects impossible and a lot of projects require completion with the current President’s involvement. The proposal was unanimously adopted by the national delegates.



The plans for the next year were announced, established and approved, so now it’s the moment of revealing all news and changes.

The live session started with the greeting speeches of the HMBIA President Edouard Eme and Vice President Gavin Stewart. Also the information about the global HMB development was presented.

  • Number of 18+ people participating in HMB over the world – more than 4200 athletes
  • Men’s 5×5 teams – more than 220 teams (183 registered in Buhurt League)
  • Total countries developing HMB – 44
  • Countries with signed agreements with HMBIA – 41 (increased by 10)
  • Countries with officially registered organizations – 31 (increased by 8)
  • Number of Certified Marshals – 109
  • Number of Authenticity Officers – 14
  • Registered Buhurt League tournaments – 23


HMB Future Project

One of the most important documents for the delegates was the HMB Future Project results presented by the Marshals Committee. The whole report you can read on the HMBIA website. Several changes and modifications were tried in the beginning of the year but only two of them were accepted for further tests by the working group and kept till the end of the Project:

  • adding of the top bar to the rails
  • allowed hand\shield touch of the list surface after the successful throw.

Based on the results of the project it was recommended to introduce a new configuration of the list with the top bar as the primary one for all HMBIA tournaments. Also the paragraph 1.5.1 of the current Group Battles Rules was changed. We suggest you to look through the report document as well as current versions of the Rules and Regulations by the links:


The effective date for all Rules and Regulations adjustment and changes is January 1st. According to the Marshals Committee, the working group will clarify any possible wording issues in the documents by April 1st based on the comments and suggestions of the delegates that were made during the General Assembly.


Buhurt League

The tournament’s schedule was announced and the new project was presented by the Buhurt League brand manager. So mark your calendar, as the beginning of the year will be very intensive and eventful.

Buhurt Next tournament for the teams holding 11-20 positions of the global ranking of the prolonged season 20-21 will take place on January 22nd in Belgrade, Serbia.

Already a legend named Buhurt Prime is coming back to Monaco on February 26th, top 10 teams of the world will fight at one of the most prestigious venues.

And a brand new Buhurt Ultima tournament which is the crown event for 12vs12 category will take place in April in majestic Saint Petersburg.


Battle of the Nations

The XI HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations will take place on June 2-5 in Oradea fortress, Romania. BotN 2022 will be held in accordance with all the norms in force regarding the prevention of the spread of the infection with SARS-CoV2! The concept of the World Championship can be adjusted to the current local and international restrictions measures at the time of the implementation including but not limited to:

•preliminary vaccination certificates check of the participants
•extended health insurance requirement
•limited number of national delegations
•separated camp areas  
•limited number of visitors
•additional entrance requirements for visitors
•closed sporting event with the live streaming


The 1st stage of BotN 2022 registration will start on January 15th and last till March 15th. This period is used for the prior application of the country for participation. The 2nd stage will start on March 16th and last till April 30th. All civil members and fighters of the national delegation in all categories must be registered. The draw will take place on May 21st.


One more expected and promised addition of the World Championship is the experimental Full Plate Harness tournament with 5 exciting categories – Two-handed Sword, Bataille de Lions, Longsword, Poleaxe, German Duel. The AC will release a special online check submission form for these categories. Participants are also asked to provide AC with the Authenticity passport (detailed guide with examples will be published).


HMB Academy camp will start working several days before the event on the venue for everyone willing to pass the trainers’ exam or improve their skills and learn more about different aspects of the HMB sport.  

All changes if any will be posted on the official sources. The Regulations of the World Championship with all official categories will be available by the 2nd stage of the registration.


We plan to post more detailed articles for every topic discussed at the General Assembly.