Buhurt Next: what is it now and what will it be in the future

Buhurt Next, one of the most anticipated tournaments of 2022, has taken place! The teams have returned home, and it's time to take stock. Here's what Artem Vasilev had to tell us. 

Buhurt Next, one of the most anticipated tournaments of 2022, has taken place! The teams have returned home, and it’s time to take stock. Here’s what Artem Vasilev had to tell us. 

“Buhurt Next finally took place. It was big and beautiful. I, on behalf of the entire Buhurt League, thank our Serbian partners for their help. Separately, it is worth noting the site where the tournament was held: a great place where it was comfortable and spacious. Too bad we couldn’t invite spectators. However, a team of very high-level professionals provided Next with a quality stream.

As for the fights: Old Friends is an experienced team, and they showed a very high level of fights. The Syabry team lacked quite a bit before repeating the success of 2020. The French from Pardus Bellator became the opening of the tournament and got the bronze they absolutely deserved.

I am grateful to everyone who was involved in organizing and holding Buhurt Next. We did it!

However, there is always room for improvement and this tournament was no exception. There are already some ideas regarding the improvements and upgrade of the tournament. But, we will keep these plans a secret until the next tournament.”

Syabry were waiting for a fight with a specific team and a specific goal. The meeting took place. It was a difficult fight between two equal opponents. Sure,  those who watched the broadcast felt what passions burned on the lists: 

“In my opinion, the most difficult fight was the fight in the semi-finals with the NSK, it was very difficult more morally than physically, it’s just that at the first meeting we lost quite considerably, and when we had a chance to take revenge, we didn’t miss it”.

Having completed the 2021 season, the teams participating in the tournament begin to make plans and set goals for the upcoming 2022 season. So, the team captain Syabry from Belarus and his brothers are ready to conquer new heights, however, the guys are pragmatic about the situation with Covid:

“Plans of course, Napoleonic ambitions are even cooler, but considering our realities, we understand that with such a situation with Covid-19, we will again not be able to attend the number of tournaments we would like. But we will try to still enter the top 10, this is our main goal”, said Igor Flerko, a fighter of the Syabry team and the captain of this team for the Buhurt Next tournament.

The NSK team will be remembered for a long time by their French opponents. Hugues Hardy, the captain of the Pardus Bellator team shared his impressions about these Russian fighters with HMBIA News:

“We knew that NSK would be our Key match, it’s an old and resilient team strong and respected. We Lost the first encounter, a very disputed fight.

This defeat helped us to focus again and we got through the other rounds until the little final where we met NSK again. The fight wasn’t easy. Even tired from their previous match against the Syabry team, the NSK put all that they had in the fight. We really want to thank all the teams we met and show respect to each other team with a special mention for NSK”.

And, of course, the team extends its ambitions to the top of the final ranking of the Buhurt League season 2022.

“First we really Hope to have a Real Season with a lot of tournaments. Will try to do as many international tournaments as possible and at least maintain us in the top 20 while aiming for the top 10! There is a long and hard road in front of us, last Saturday we proved ourselves that we can walk it”, said Hugues Hardy.

It is worth noting that the host country also prepared its own special hospitality with axes and falchions for foreign teams. The White Stags team got the slot of participation in the Buhurt Next as the hosting country representatives. 

“It was an amazing experience, new list, new rules, this was the biggest update of buhurt!”

And when the battles died down, the awards were given, and the armor was taken off, finally, the athletes could calmly talk and have fun at a party hosted by hospitable Serbs:

“The afterparty was nice. No spécial protocol, feels like a saturday night at a Friend’s house.

Good vibes and we appreciate the opportunity to meet the other fighters around drinks, instead of axes”.

The Buhurt Next tournament is finished, and its results have been summed up. Nevertheless, the Buhurt League team does not have time to relax. After all, as we wrote above, Artem Vasilev hinted that the next tournament is waiting for transformations that will raise the bar of holding the HMB tournament quality even higher. We just have to wait and again thank everyone who created this wonderful HMB sports event.