HMB Soft World Championship: what we really miss!

In 2020, the spread of Covid-19 made changes to our routine and the Championship did not take place due to safety reasons for its young participants, their relatives and coaches.

Meetings with friends and fights, and before that months of hard training. However, today we are not talking about steel armor tournaments, but on the contrary – the World Championship in HMB Soft among schools and clubs. Traditionally, at the beginning of December, HMBIA News reports everything you need to know about the Championship and its results. In 2020, the spread of Covid-19 made changes to our routine and the Championship did not take place due to safety reasons for its young participants, their relatives and coaches.


The Championship is important for all the HMB community worldwide. Here we are talking about both identifying the discipline’s strongest school, international cultural exchange and gaining practical experience in battle with the strongest opponents in the world, as well as meeting friends and making new acquaintances. Even the language barrier is not a hindrance to the emergence of friendship between young athletes!

Our reporters talked with representatives of the HMB Soft community from different countries and found out that coaches and athletes really miss the Championship

Wiktoria Oles, the Niepokorni Orzesze HMB Soft school trainer from Poland told us that she miss the HMB Soft World Championship, but she is sure that her young fighters miss it even more:

“There is no week without the question about any tournament. Every year we’re trying to travel at least to 4 countries for tournaments, but this year we took part only in a one really small tournament in Poland. HMB Soft World Championships is one of the events that we always take part in – the atmosphere, great fighters and so many kind people that’s what we miss the most

We have so many friends around the world and every tournament is an opportunity to meet them. We’ve got hope that next year gives us a chance to bring HMB Soft life to normal. We are still training hard and not giving up! I’m really happy and thankful that all my fighters are healthy and that they still can fight”, said Wiktoria.

Last year, the Niepokorni Orzesze HMB Soft athletes got fantastic results in Riga. They got a gold medal in girls category 12-13 y.o., bronze medal in girls category 16-17 y.o., and gold medal in group fights 12-14 y.o. (3 Polish fighters, 1 Russian fighter, 1 German fighter).

Alexey Petrik, the World Champion in HMB and the Tannenberg HMB Soft school trainer from Russia agreed with Wiktoria. He noted that he and all his trainees are sad that there is no HMB Soft Championship this year:

“Of course, it’s sad that we can’t hold the HMB Soft Championship this year. This  tournament is not only about fights and medals, but also a trip that we can make together, new acquaintances, and pleasant impressions. I really hope that soon all restrictions will come to an end and it will be possible to travel and to participate in the HMB and HMB Soft events as we did before”.

Young fighters from the Tannenberg HMB Soft school also finished the two days Championship with gold and silver medals in duel fights.

An athlete from Brazil took part in the HMB Soft Championship in Riga last year. Ernesto Brodella Sampai from the Silver Sword Company HMB club got the title of the Breakthrough of the year in duels

For many years Ilya Malyugin participated in the HMB Soft World Championship from the Peresvet club. In 2017, the young man got the title of champion in the category of 16-17 years old and completed his performances in this discipline, switching to battles on steel. However, he still recalls the HMB Soft Championship with a little nostalgic: 

“Usually in Autumn we used to train hard before qualifying, and this time is associated with travel and fights. I wish it was always like this, traveling and fighting is very exciting. New opponents, new acquaintances and a large number of battles. It was awesome! And, of course, nostalgia is felt”.

Our editorial office also misses this tournament. And especially its wonderful atmosphere of friendship, good times, laughter and battles from young but very serious fighters. We hope that 2021 will give us the opportunity to travel and to conduct as many HMB and Soft tournaments as possible without fear of Coronavirus.