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The Finnish way to attract new fighters

Gathering all those interested in one place, explaining the sport to them, giving them demonstrations and letting them try is an interesting and effective method to develop HMB in the country.

HMBIA 2020 General Assembly final report

GA 2020 occurred at the height of the so-called second wave that led to the new restrictions in many countries and forced the HMBIA Office in charge of the organization to find a new way to make this important event possible and hold it online.

HMBIA General Assembly has begun

The most unusual HMBIA General Assembly has begun its work. A huge amount of work was done by the HMBIA Office to ensure that the event will be held at the same high level as in previous years.

HMB schools: results of work

More and more people all over Russia want to take up HMB sports! In this country all conditions have been created for those who are willing to practice HMB – you can come to the HMB Academy and start your way to this unique and tough sport.