The Fastest Sword Challenge by the Marshals

An international team of marshals worked to identify the bests in our The Fastest Sword Challenge. The team included 9 international certified marshals from the USA, UK, Mexico, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and Russia. The commission was
headed by Sergey Myasishchev, head of the HMBIA Marshal Committee.

A taste of history: what Europeans ate in the Middle Ages

What was eaten in the Middle Ages and how it was prepared is an important question for any reenactor of this period. It is no less important for HMB athletes who settled in the historical camp at any tournament, especially at Battle of the Nations.

Meet the winners of The Fastest Sword Challenge among men

The Fastest Sword challenge is over, the results have been announced and the awards have found their owners. But the questions remained – How long did the winners train to achieve such high results? HMBIA News exclusively reveal their secrets.