Changes in the HMB USA

Since June 2021, it is headed by Andrew Tunstall. In his post, he succeeded Jeffrey Galli. Our editorial staff gave Andrew a chance to get up-to-date and invited him for an interview.

Briefly about the AC main work directions

Despite constant restrictions related to Covid 19 and widespread cancellations or rescheduling of tournaments, the Authenticity Committee headed by Milica Kovacevic did not remain without work.

Fantasy Forest has been amazing this year

This year 20 armoured and ready to fight ladies entered the list across the weekend.
Not only did they demonstrate ALL forms of HMB categories to the public, they did a mass battle practice and 9vs9 fights and even experimented with the new 2vs2 category.

How to win people over with a hammer and a smile

Repair of armor and weapons during HMB fights is one of the most important points for participants and a necessary option in the high-quality organization of any tournament. We can safely say that this is taking care of the participants on the part of the organizers.