HMB and Quarantine: No Team Training!

COVID-19 is holding the world in quarantine for a long time. People are trying to stay at home in self-isolation to avoid this serious virus.

HMB Soft in Israel: a new round of development

The end of February in Israel proved to be extremely eventful. The first HMB Soft tournament was held there for youths and adults was held in Tel Aviv.

Israel: HMB Soft as something new

The Soft direction of the HMB sport is only developing in Israel, but Israeli athletes are working to popularize fighting in soft armor

The HMB Soft Open German Championship is returning!

The HMB Soft Open German Championship 2020 will take place on April, 4 in the city of Berne (Germany).

Kurzak: “Physical training is the foundation of the sport”

HMBIA News decided to ask Paweł about the importance of the physical training for HMB sports.

Spain: when you have fencing in your blood

Today we will talk about duels. More specifically, the popularity of dueling categories in Spain.

2020: new year’s duelling!

Siberian foothold 2020 this year was held in an unusual format – the tournament consisted only of duels. On January, 5 fencers from Siberia and the Urals arrived in Novosibirsk (Russia). About 20 HMB athletes fought here for the gold. The event received international status – HMB athletes from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan came to compete with their Russian colleagues.   HMBIA News asked Anastasia… Continue reading 2020: new year’s duelling!

Ernesto Brodella Sampaio: “… having the opportunity to carry the brazilian and my team’s flag is amazing”

This year the young athlete Ernesto Brodella Sampaio from Brazil took part in the HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs in Riga

New round of HMB Soft development

The 3rd HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs in Riga has come to an end. 2 days of uncompromising battles, tears of joy, sadness of defeat

The success of the new conference format

This year, for the first time, the HMBIA General Assembly participants had the opportunity to discuss issues that they are interested in the round table format.