Buhurt Next: volume 2

One of the hot topics in the HMB new year was the announcement of the Buhurt Next and Buhurt Prime tournaments within the Buhurt League system. Buhurt Next will be held in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, on January 22, 2022.

BotN 2022 registration deadlines

It was reported that registration of the BotN participants will take place in 2 stages. Do not miss the dates!

The work of HMBIA Presidium has been extended

During the annual General Assembly, a proposal was put forward to extend the mandate of the HMBIA Presidium. This proposal was brought about due to the extraordinary situation with Covid-19, which made it impossible to implement many HMBIA projects that required the participation of the current president and vice president.

The world is ready for the Full Plate

One more expected and promised addition of the World Championship is the experimental Full Plate Harness tournament with 5 exciting categories.

HMBIA General Assembly 2021

XI HMBIA General Assembly took place in the online format with the delegations from 41 countries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of the work of the Assembly.

Good marshal`s shape: useful tips

How can a Marshal keep himself in “good shape” and not lose qualifications during the absence of tournaments? Sergey Myasishchev gives his recommendations.

Question and Answers session has come to an end

The Question and Answers session of the XI HMBIA General Assembly has come to an end. It was a busy day for all its participants.

Safety comes first!

During the Q&A session of the XI HMBIA General Assembly, HMBIA became aware that one of the factors that influenced the proposal to introduce a ‘Top bar’ list type into the requirements for the Battle of the Nations 2022

Breaking news from the Buhurt League

The dates of the final tournaments of the season 20-21 Buhurt League have been announced during the report of Artem Vasilev, the Buhurt League brand manager.

Online Q&A session is in a ful swing

The most important day of the HMBIA General Assembly, which is completely devoted to the Question and Answers session, has begun.