BotN 2022 is officially cancelled

On February 26 the letter with the Termination of Collaborative project Agreement of Intent on hosting Battle of the Nations 2022 was sent to the HMBIA office by the “Visit Oradea” General Manager. In response to that decision several meetings and calls were arranged in the attempt to keep this year’s World Championship possible, as… Continue reading BotN 2022 is officially cancelled

Buhurt Prime 2022 has been cancelled

Dear friends, we are deeply sorry to announce that Buhurt Prime 2022 has been cancelled.

All HMBIA activities are postponed

Emergency online session of the HMBIA Extraordinary General Assembly was announced on March 3 in response to the war in Ukraine and the impact it has on the HMB community.The online session took place on Monday, March 7th, at 20.00 CET. Only one representative per country was able to take part. All participants to the… Continue reading All HMBIA activities are postponed

Irina Fedorova: from the project to the champion and beyond

The best female fighter of 2019, one of the most famous HMB athletes in the world, and simply beautiful Irina Fedorova from the Bayard club (Moscow, Russia) became the heroine of our national She Fights For … column.

New rules implementation and its results: Buhurt Next 2022

Buhurt Next 2022 is remarkable not only because it is the first large-scale international HMB event for a long period. Here, the organizing team and the Marshal Committee members had the opportunity to fully implement several innovations in the rules and regulations of the buhurt categories of fights at once.

She fights for……herself and the other women

Love for heavy music and adventure brought this girl to HMB. It was not easy for her. She had to rethink a lot, and HMB changed her.

Buhurt Next: what is it now and what will it be in the future

Buhurt Next, one of the most anticipated tournaments of 2022, has taken place! The teams have returned home, and it’s time to take stock. Here’s what Artem Vasilev had to tell us. 

HMB Soft in France: secrets and successes of the Les Ecuyers du Marchidial school

HMB Soft in France is in an advanced state of development. The national team of this country has taken part in the HMB Soft World Championship among schools and clubs. In particular, in 2019 in Riga, French athletes showed very technical and promising fights.

Buhurt Next: volume 2

One of the hot topics in the HMB new year was the announcement of the Buhurt Next and Buhurt Prime tournaments within the Buhurt League system. Buhurt Next will be held in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, on January 22, 2022.

BotN 2022 registration deadlines

It was reported that registration of the BotN participants will take place in 2 stages. Do not miss the dates!