The world is ready for the Full Plate

One more expected and promised addition of the World Championship is the experimental Full Plate Harness tournament with 5 exciting categories.

Development of the Full Plate is aimed to introduce new blood into our community, both with fighters and spectators. This is what people imagine when they hear about knights. This is what lets the historical aspect to show in all its glory, This is what everyone want to see at the Battle of the Nations. So, meet the Rules and Regulations of the upcoming tournament that is planned as the experimental category at the XI World Championship Battle of the Nations! All of the introduced categories can be divided into 2 parts – the one with the focus on thrusts and the one with the focus on strikes. Pay attention to the fact that the armour requirements for thrusting categories include some additional options.

So, what categories are suggested to our full plate harness heroes? Check the links and be prepared. 

The Authenticity Committee will release a special online check submission form for these categories. Participants are also asked to provide AC with the Authenticity passport describing their kit (detailed guide with examples will be published).