BotN 2022 is officially cancelled

On February 26 the letter with the Termination of Collaborative project Agreement of Intent on hosting Battle of the Nations 2022 was sent to the HMBIA office by the “Visit Oradea” General Manager. In response to that decision several meetings and calls were arranged in the attempt to keep this year’s World Championship possible, as… Continue reading BotN 2022 is officially cancelled

BotN 2022 registration deadlines

It was reported that registration of the BotN participants will take place in 2 stages. Do not miss the dates!

The world is ready for the Full Plate

One more expected and promised addition of the World Championship is the experimental Full Plate Harness tournament with 5 exciting categories.

XI World Championship Battle of the Nations takes place in Romania in 2021

Between July 1-4 2021, Oradea Fortress will host the XI World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle, which is the biggest sport and medieval culture global event with a unique, globally unmatched concept. Oradea was chosen as the host city over other candidates after the final stage of the host city race, including cities from Italy,… Continue reading XI World Championship Battle of the Nations takes place in Romania in 2021

My first BotN: Facundo Camilo Lopez (Argentina)

It really made us so happy! I will always cherish that tournament as I have a lot of great memories about BotN 2016

BotN Total Recall marathon

On May 1, the Battle of the Nations: TotalRecall marathon started on the BotN socials. Well-known HMB fighters, captains and country representatives share their memories of their first BotN.

XV century in all its glory

Full plate armour foot tournaments are becoming an integral part of our major historical projects. Knightly battles have long been an important attraction in many historical events all over the world.

Anton Trubnikov: the dawn of HMB

The official year of birth of the HMB sport can be considered 2010 – it was then that the name Historical Medieval Battle and the concept of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations appeared.