BotN 2022 registration deadlines

It was reported that registration of the BotN participants will take place in 2 stages. Do not miss the dates!

The XI HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations takes place on June 2-5, 2022 in the Oradea fortress, Romania. We ask all national team representatives to pay attention to the certain dates and deadlines.

Earlier, it was reported that registration of the BotN participants will take place in 2 stages:

15.01.22 – 15.03.2022 

1st stage of the BotN 2022 registration. All National delegations have to fill the certain form of the preliminary application. At this stage it’s required to inform organizers about the approximate quantity of fighters and civil participants, possible way of traveling, plans for accommodation (camp or hotel).

16.03.2022 – 30.04.2022

2nd stage of registration. All National teams have to register all civils and fighters in all

categories for the draw, provide with the requests for transfers, camp staff, parking places.

21.05.2022 the draw for all categories of fights will take place. 

Also let us remind you that BotN 2022 will be held in accordance with all the norms in force regarding the prevention of the spread of the infection with SARS-CoV2! The concept of the World Championship can be adjusted to the current local and international restrictions measures at the time of the implementation including but not limited to:

•preliminary vaccination certificates check of the participants
•extended health insurance requirement
•limited number of national delegations
•separated camp areas
•limited number of visitors
•additional entrance requirements for visitors
•closed sporting event with the live streaming

We look forward to meeting you at the list of the most important HMB event in the world Battle of the Nations 2022.