Meet the winners of The Fastest Sword Challenge among men

The Fastest Sword challenge is over, the results have been announced and the awards have found their owners. But the questions remained – How long did the winners train to achieve such high results? HMBIA News exclusively reveal their secrets.

Technical and Authentic Equipment Requirements for HMB events

We continue working on the renovation of the documents of both Marshals and Authenticity Committees.

The last day to register for participation in our Fastest Sword Challenge among men

The overall idea of the virtual competition is easy – count the number of strikes you can do per 20 seconds. All you need is your sword, a training pell and a phone to record the video!

Full Plate Armor Battles: Battle of the Nations New Official Category?

The work on introducing full plate armor battles as a new official combat category for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in the future has been going for about two years. This is great news, because we have all been able to appreciate the spectacle, beauty and grace of such tournaments.

Medieval camp of your dream

Milica Kovacevic, Head of the HMBIA Authenticity Committee, gave a number of very efficient and detailed recommendations on how to organize the Medieval camp right, to the delight of oneself and the envy of opponents.

Covid-19 has not broken the spirit of the Norwegian HMB athletes! 

Despite the restrictions in the country associated with the spread of the coronavirus infection, work continues in Norway to promote HMB sports in the country. HMBIA News talked with Anders Gjestad Rugsveen, captain of the HMB Norway team, about how the sport is developing in his country.  According to Anders, the pandemic affected the pace… Continue reading Covid-19 has not broken the spirit of the Norwegian HMB athletes! 

Stephen Slater: the ultimate goal of the Australian marshal

Being an HMB Marshal, Stephen Slater is willing to improve his skills and to get more and more experience. He therefore wants to have the experience of marshaling at different tournaments. He loves what he does and does his best to improve skills every day. He sees the goal ahead and goes to it.

Duel League project is officially started!

Duel League is the HMBIA project dedicated to promotion and development of HMB Duel Categories. The principal decision about the necessity of such a project was taken at the HMBIA General Assembly 2019.

Polish “Lady in Red”: Chain of chances leading to victory 

The stunning dress that impressed the audience, participants and judges of the Best Female Authentic Costume of Battle of the Nations 2016 was created thanks to a series of happy coincidences, lots of devotion, dedication, hard work, and the result was undoubtedly beyond praise. Dorota Kriger from Poland told us how the dress which brought her the victory in The Best Authentic Female Costume at BotN 2016 was made.

Who knows what the HMB future holds?

We’re not going to repeat once again how challenging and unpredictable 2020 was. That’s pretty obvious for everyone who was struggling with its restrictions, postponements and the virus itself. What we do want to repeat is the fact how grateful we are for having such an incredible HMB community. We cannot thank all HMB teams… Continue reading Who knows what the HMB future holds?