Good marshal`s shape: useful tips

How can a Marshal keep himself in “good shape” and not lose qualifications during the absence of tournaments? Sergey Myasishchev gives his recommendations.

Question and Answers session has come to an end

The Question and Answers session of the XI HMBIA General Assembly has come to an end. It was a busy day for all its participants.

Safety comes first!

During the Q&A session of the XI HMBIA General Assembly, HMBIA became aware that one of the factors that influenced the proposal to introduce a ‘Top bar’ list type into the requirements for the Battle of the Nations 2022

Breaking news from the Buhurt League

The dates of the final tournaments of the season 20-21 Buhurt League have been announced during the report of Artem Vasilev, the Buhurt League brand manager.

She fights for… friendship

Kexin Tong is a bright representative of the female HMB in China. She is a tenacious and talented duelist from China. During the fight, she is focused and uncompromising. And in life, Kexin is a cheerful and charming student.

Knights and flowers: good deeds in armor

If you’re waiting for your Prince Charming he will come! Maybe not on a white horse but in the white tabard”, decided the team putting on their armor.

REKON 2021: fights of the strongest in Russia

We could all observe the opposition of the strongest teams in Russia this weekend at the Buhurt League tournament with the Challenger status.

ACG club: the success story from the UK

We have created the HMB club section specifically to tell you about clubs, their development, history, and their recipes for promoting sports to the masses. We are sure that these stories can not only amuse you, but also become a useful tool for learning from experience and establishing contacts.

Aleksandra Politopulos: James Bond in armor

Our She fights for … rubric has prepared for you a story about Aleksandra Politopulos – an amazing, dangerous, and versatile girl from Serbia.

TORNEO DELLE ALPI: what the fighters had to go through to enter the lists

Excellent fights from the best HMB teams and all this in the form of Covid free. This is how the tournament TORNEO DELLE ALPI with the status of Buhurt Masters went. 12 teams from the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, France, Monaco and, of course, Italy arrived in the Italian city of Volpiano.