She fights for… improvement

She fights to become a better athlete, a better fighter, a better captain. Fights literally and figuratively. Today HMBIA News will tell you about Adriana Isaak, also known as Armanda Nemeth from Mexico in our She fights for… dossier.

Objective: to increase the popularity of duels and attract new fighters

In the past few years, there has been a clear gap in popularity and prevalence between duel and buhurt categories, with a bias towards the buhurts. Wishing to balance the categories and increase the popularity of duels, the HMBIA Presidium decided to found the Duel League. This was announced during the HMBIA General Assembly in November 2020.

The Alexander Nevsky Cup: new opportunities?

The Alexander Nevsky Cup became the 1st full scale experimental tournament included in the HMBIA Marshals Committee project, codenamed HMB Future. During this event, the experimental rules in the 5vs5 category, with the participation of 5 teams, were implemented.

HMB and television: an explosion of emotions and interest

Television is a crucial method for promoting sports. Thanks to our charismatic athletes who communicate with the press and talk about HMB in interviews, millions of people will find out about our sport.

Alexander Nevsky Cup: experimental rules for HMB Future

The 1st full scale experimental tournament included in the HMBIA Marshals Committee project, codenamed HMB Future, was held in Saint Petersburg on May 29th in collaboration with HMB Russia. The Alexander Nevsky Cup became the 1st tournament where the experimental rules in the 5vs5 category with the participation of 5 teams were implemented.

The Steel Wolf Cup: Duel League debut in New Zealand

On May 22, The Steel Wolf Cup was held in Wellington. It became the first HMB competition within the HMBIA Dueling League ranking system. It was attended by fighters from all over the country.

HMB fighter’s peaceful hobby

You can make new friends, talk about HMB and drive the postman crazy if you have the same hobby as Konstantin Matetsky from Russia. A year ago he started collecting stripes and badges with HMB clubs’ emblems.

The Red Crag tournament: the hottest spot in China

If we try to describe The Red Crag tournament in China which took place here on May 2, in one word, then it would be “HOT”. This is how Gao Peng, the representative of the organizing group of the event and the captain of the Half Ton HMB team, began his story about the tournament.

A taste of history: what Europeans ate in the Middle Ages

What was eaten in the Middle Ages and how it was prepared is an important question for any reenactor of this period. It is no less important for HMB athletes who settled in the historical camp at any tournament, especially at Battle of the Nations.

Meet the winners of The Fastest Sword Challenge among men

The Fastest Sword challenge is over, the results have been announced and the awards have found their owners. But the questions remained – How long did the winners train to achieve such high results? HMBIA News exclusively reveal their secrets.