REKON 2021: fights of the strongest in Russia

We could all observe the opposition of the strongest teams in Russia this weekend at the Buhurt League tournament with the Challenger status.

ACG club: the success story from the UK

We have created the HMB club section specifically to tell you about clubs, their development, history, and their recipes for promoting sports to the masses. We are sure that these stories can not only amuse you, but also become a useful tool for learning from experience and establishing contacts.

Aleksandra Politopulos: James Bond in armor

Our She fights for … rubric has prepared for you a story about Aleksandra Politopulos – an amazing, dangerous, and versatile girl from Serbia.

TORNEO DELLE ALPI: what the fighters had to go through to enter the lists

Excellent fights from the best HMB teams and all this in the form of Covid free. This is how the tournament TORNEO DELLE ALPI with the status of Buhurt Masters went. 12 teams from the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, France, Monaco and, of course, Italy arrived in the Italian city of Volpiano.

Sergey Ukolov: knight and HMB athlete

Sergey Ukolov took part in his very first full plate armor competition. The Tournament of Saint George became the first event of this kind for the multiple world champion in HMB.

Burying the battle axe to hit each other with swords

28th of August was the event that brought all the Danish teams together. However, there was talk about reuniting and working together to solve some differences and make Danish fighters stronger than ever.

HMBNZ: We made them recognize us

In 2021, HMBNZ was recognised as a National Sport Organisation by Sport NZ, with a new subcategory of ‘medieval’ sports created specifically to cater to the specificity of HMB.

Marshaling in the UK: plans and ambitions

In the UK, despite the restrictions associated with Covid-19, work continues to attract new people to the positions of marshals. Andrew Rose, the HMBIA certificated marshal told us about this. So far, this work is taking place online, but when the pandemic recedes, the work will go offline.

Soft training in Mexico: the best way to prepare a fighter

For many years now, training in soft armor has been an integral part of the process of preparing fighters for tournaments and keeping them in shape in Mexico.

Changes in the HMB USA

Since June 2021, it is headed by Andrew Tunstall. In his post, he succeeded Jeffrey Galli. Our editorial staff gave Andrew a chance to get up-to-date and invited him for an interview.